Playa Encantada – “Enchanted Beach”

Question?  How do you market a beach that you can only use half the year? Answer: Call it “Enchanted.”

When we were still living in Colorado, our search for our initial place to live in Rosarito was all done online. We did our best to read about the various neighborhoods and to find pictures of the potential properties in which we would reside. The place we ended up choosing marketed a picture of a beautiful, quiet, secluded sandy beach that had direct access from the property.

We envisioned daily walks on the beach, contemplated taking up running, thought about the awesome times we would have playing Frisbee and just saw ourselves basking in the sun with our feet in the sand.

When we arrived in February and took our first walk around the grounds, we headed straight for the beach…but it was nowhere to be found.  Instead, the landscape was one of large, jagged rocks and a fair amount of washed up trash (i.e., huge tires, shoes, big pieces of wood and plastic, etc).  We seriously thought to ourselves, “wow…what great photo shopping skills with these marketing materials!”

Playa Encantada, Rosarito, Baja California Mexico
The beach in front of our house when we arrived in February

But we were told by the other residents who had lived here for many years, “don’t worry it’s coming soon.”  But that turned into “it’s coming by April” …which then became “it’s a little late this year…” and like with everything else, ”manana” will come one day.  And so we waited. And it seemed very hard to believe that even if the sand did come, that it would actually cover all that we were seeing in front of us at the moment.

And then, almost overnight, the sand started to appear and before we knew it, we had our beautiful beach that we had seen in the marketing pictures!! Apparently, with the seasonal change in currents, this is a phenomenon that really does lead to a beach coming and going throughout the year.

The beach in front of our house in August.

Now the question is…for how long will it stay? And when will our “enchanted” and magical beach disappear?  For now, we will appreciate each day that it remains and enjoy our long walks and, yes, even morning runs, the opportunity to bask in the sun as well as the fun days drinking beer during a game of Frisbee.

But don’t feel too bad for us…we still have plenty of other options of beaches to enjoy in Rosarito that have sand year-round. 😉

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