Welcome to Our Wanderlust Life

Robert Louis Stevenson, in Travels with a Donkey, writes “I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”

Those with wanderlust don’t necessarily need to go anywhere in particular; they just don’t care to stay in one spot. Wanderlust has German roots – wandern (“to wander”) and lust (“desire”) – and simply means a desire for wandering.

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Let’s Wander Where the Wifi is Weak

Rosarito, Mexico
Hiking in El Salto Canyon

When we lived in CO, we enjoyed spending time outdoors and took advantage of the endless hiking opportunities that were right in our backyard. Thus, when we moved to Rosarito, we sought out those types of activities here in Mexico as well.  Continue reading “Let’s Wander Where the Wifi is Weak”

Valle de Guadalupe: Mexican Wine Country – It Exists And It’s Great!

Bodega Monte Xanic

Valle de Guadalupe

Although we may not be experts in most topics about our blog, touring wine country is definitely something in which we have had A LOT of practice. With years of work in the industry for Aaron and a combined total of well over 100 trips to wine country around the world, we can confidently say that we are certainly experienced in this area! Continue reading “Valle de Guadalupe: Mexican Wine Country – It Exists And It’s Great!”

Playa Encantada – “Enchanted Beach”

Question?  How do you market a beach that you can only use half the year? Answer: Call it “Enchanted.” Continue reading “Playa Encantada – “Enchanted Beach””

Gray Whale Kisses


Just over 400 miles south of Rosarito, and half-way down the Baja Peninsula, is the small town of Guerrero Negro. With a population of around 15,000 and a weather climate much colder than most of Baja, there is relatively little reason why one would want to visit…except for one reason which, in our opinion, makes it one of the most unbelievable places in the world. Continue reading “Gray Whale Kisses”

You Had Us At Street Food

Baja Fish Tacos

Trying new dishes and exploring the different foods of a region is very much a highlight for us when we travel.  Street food is a cornerstone of the Mexican culinary culture…in fact, Mexico has one of the most extensive street food cultures in Latin America…and we just happen to LOVE it!!  Continue reading “You Had Us At Street Food”

SENTRI Lane – Mission: Impossible

When we first came to visit Baja California last July, we ended up having to wait nearly 3 1/2 hours to cross the border from Tijuana back into the US…the traffic was basically at a standstill, creeping along so slowly that you had plenty of time to walk a quarter mile and back to a so-called bathroom Continue reading “SENTRI Lane – Mission: Impossible”

Paperwork, waiting, paperwork, waiting, paperwork, and yes, more waiting… but we are here legally!

According to the US State Department, there are approximately one million Americans living in Mexico.  Of those, it is estimated that 91% are living there illegally.  Most people obtain a 6 month tourist visa, which they then continue to renew.  Yet we felt it was important to respect Mexico’s laws and follow the necessary steps to become legal residents. Plus, the fees we paid help to contribute to the various services and programs of which we also take advantage. Continue reading “Paperwork, waiting, paperwork, waiting, paperwork, and yes, more waiting… but we are here legally!”

We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto…Rosarito – here we are!

In the months leading up to our move, we had a number of people share with us, understandably so, their thoughts, concerns and reservations about us moving to a foreign country, especially Mexico.  Like any place else, there will always be the potential for violence, crime, issues related to medical care and health insurance and more.  But we feel that to live life to the fullest, you cannot live in fear…instead, we did our due diligence and research to learn about the area, the people, the culture, the laws, etc. and so far, the biggest problems we have faced is learning how to read food labels in Spanish and figuring out where to find the best margarita!! Continue reading “We’re not in Kansas anymore Toto…Rosarito – here we are!”

Rubber Hits the Road

Having moved 6 times in 9 years, we got pretty good at keeping things relatively simple and did not hold onto possessions unnecessarily.  The walls in our home were always pretty bare and we tried to store as much as we could electronically.  Continue reading “Rubber Hits the Road”